Pat’s Acres Open Drift for April, 2014


The drifting season is here, and summer is coming.  That means that it’s spring, and if you haven’t been to Pat’s Acres Racing Complex during the spring then you’re missing out.  PARC really is that small racetrack winding through the woods that you dream about, and during the spring and summer this place is really at it’s best.

Pat’s Acres seems to have a reputation as a sort of drifting wonderland hidden away in the depths of Oregon.  When I first heard about PARC and went in search of videos and pictures to get a better idea of what this supposed drifting wonderland looked like, I was blown away by images of a ribbon of tarmac nestled in the woods that was bathed in perpetual sunlight. Usually the high expectations created by amazing media are dashed upon actually visiting the purported promised land, but as far as PARC is concerned it really is just that good.

PARC4-12-14-7880PARC4-12-14-8907Media producers are spoiled for choice in terms of angles and shooting locations.  Shooting within touching distance of cars on the track is just a fact of life at Pat’s Acres.  (Climbing trees is also acceptable)

PARC4-12-14-8786As a spectator you can rent a helmet for some pocket change and ride shotgun for a lap with any driver of your choosing, provided they give you the O.K.  Many drivers do choose to open their passenger seats, after all they get a discount if they offer ride-alongs!

PARC4-12-14-8606If you’re a driver you’ll get dozens of runs in on a long technical track with your choice of tandem partners, cage or no.

PARC4-12-14-8565 PARC4-12-14-8557

PARC4-12-14-8319 PARC4-12-14-8252 PARC4-12-14-8154 PARC4-12-14-8140Justice cannot be done to Pat’s Acres with pictures, videos or words.  Just come to Canby this summer for PARC Fest in August, spend a weekend drifting and partying with the Pacific NW drifting community and experience Pat’s Acres for yourself.

Rally Cross at Evergreen Speedway

Last Sunday NWautoevents held a Rally Cross event at Evergreen Speedway. This was the first event of its kind at the track. Like with anything new there was a few bumps in the road but overall was a very fun event despite the rain.


This was my second time ever shooting Rally Cross and it was definitely different shooting cars other than drift cars. One thing that appeals to me about Rally Cross is that any make/model is eligible to compete.


I hope this “tester” event is a sign of things to come as the speedway is pretty quiet in the winter months.

Signs of Things to Come: The March 2014 Open Drift at Pat’s Acres Racing Complex

This past weekend (3/15) Pat’s Acres Racing Complex in Canby, Oregon opened up their gates to the Pacific NW drift community, and as you can see the turnout was spectacular!  Drift veterans, ProAm competitors and even a certain professional FD driver mixed it up with PARC regulars on the twists and turns of one of the West Coast’s best karting tracks.


PARC3-15-6325-2PARC3-15-5261 PARC3-15-5268 PARC3-15-5373 PARC3-15-5629 PARC3-15-5867 PARC3-15-6131 PARC3-15-6271 PARC3-15-6184 PARC3-15-6087 PARC3-15-6078 PARC3-15-5773 PARC3-15-5698 PARC3-15-5586 PARC3-15-5472 PARC3-15-5332 PARC3-15-5312

Drift missiles weren’t the only cars in the paddock: The National Guard brought one of their NASCAR chasis down for people to check out (although the only driving it did was on and off the trailer).  Joe Ayala of Lifeblasters, Sid Titus and Landin Williams were among the many media personnel that dotted the track throughout the day, so be on the lookout for some great media coverage of this event here shortly!


Last weekend I finally made it back out to Evergreen Drift. I didn’t take too many photos due to being in a meeting most of the day for an upcoming rally cross events being help at the track.

IMG_8497 IMG_8506 IMG_8514 IMG_8529 IMG_8535 IMG_8560 IMG_8590 IMG_8621

2013 Recap


As this automotive season comes to a close, I thought it was time to reflect on how it all went on and off track.
This year was a little different as I didn’t travel as much as years past, but sticking around has given me a chance to figure out the direction I want to take Always Reckless.


That is a story for a different time tho. Right now I want to share my favorite photos from 2013.

IMG_6784Opening Ceremonies, Team Tandem, Stateline Drift

IMG_6363_2Datsun 510 Shoot

IMG_6327Griot’s Garage, Pudget Sound Toyota Owners Club year end meet

IMG_6324Griot’s Garage, Pudget Sound Toyota Owners Club year end meet

IMG_6291Ben Whyte, Evergreen Drift

IMG_5021XXX Rootbeer Meet

IMG_4554TE72 Corolla shoot

IMG_4956Kyle Pollard, Evergreen Drift

IMG_4103Logan Noel, Ben Whyte, Tandem Mayhem, Evergreen Drift

IMG_2919Stanwood Carshow

IMG_2070Opening Ceremonies, Evergreen Drift

IMG_0189Point and Shoot Night walk, Pikes Place

IMG_6885Ben Whyte, Stateline Drift

IMG_4055Erich Hagen, Dio Ortiz, Tandem Mayhem, Evergreen Drift

IMG_4195Kory Keezer , Tandem Mayhem, Evergreen Drift

IMG_4448Casey Thrill, A War in the Sky Shoot