Cody Berlin's Gen 1 Toyota Celcica


1976 Toyota Celica

Putting fantasy to practice

There will be no build sheet to cap off this feature.  No list of parts, carefully broken down to implicitly associate a laundry list of brands with the car and it's owner, will round off this article.

That is not to say that parts lists are unimportant, or to imply that that the custom parts in this Celica are not for the eyes of mere mortals.  Rather it is because such things would not be relevant in this particular context. 


If you must know, Cody (the owner of this Celica) and the rest of the ShaDynasty drift team use custom Stance Suspension coilovers and speak well of Stance's products.  The seats are made by OMP and the harnesses are of the Takata brand.

As one might expect there are a number of non-standard parts on this Toyota Celica, and Xcessive Manufacturing manufactured a great number of them.  No secret is made of that fact, if you want to drift old Toyota's then Xcessive are the people to see.  Cody has also constructed a number of parts on this car, either from scratch or by manipulating components from other vehicles to fit his needs.


These individual parts matter not on their own; they only gain significance in the context of the whole.  In the context of what Cody B. has used them to do.  What he uses them to do.


Cody is quite a capable drifter, and this Toyota Celica is very capable drifting machine. 

Making this old Celica drift was not a simple enterprise, not something made possible by a welded differential and a handful of brand-name bolt-on parts.  Hence why a build-sheet is somewhat irrelevant here, as there is much more to this car than the sum of it's parts. 


Regardless of the chassis, a build sheet does not tell the story of the time, effort, and knowledge poured into each and every drift car.  That statement is exceptionally true for this Celica; when one thinks of a car well suited for drifting the first-generation Toyota Celica is not a car that immediately comes to mind.


Chassis such as these instead tend to come up in conversations about fantasy drift builds, cars we would love to drift but for whatever reason are unable to do so.  Each and every one of us have spent idle hours musing over how to build an I-ROC Camaro, A Mazda RX-3, or even a Dodge Demon with which to haunt our local race tracks.

This Toyota Celica is a fantasy made real, torn out of imagination and put to practice.  If a parts list is a lens through which we can understand the formidable car gracing the glossy magazine pages or screen in front of us, then this car is not meant to be understood or replicated.


Take instead from this car inspiration; Cody made his fantasy drift car a reality and you can do the same.  It will take time, effort, good friends and long evenings but it can be done and done well.  Listen not to the naysayers, those who tell you your fantasy chassis will not drift.  Some questions are best answered by doing; do not be distraught over not knowing the answer to that which has never been asked before.

Get action.